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The above has doubt been going through your mind pretty much constantly (even while you sleep) for the past 4 weeks or so. All I can say is “Sorry, I haven’t had any tea things happen to blog about.”

And that still holds true. I will have ONE tea coming in from @gingkoseto at some point in the coming months (Wild Orchid Fairy Twig OH YEAH), and even that is a financial risk at a mere 20 bucks. Yeah, it’s dire straights here. I can’t pay for gas, my phone will bankrupt me before too long, I can’t do anything fun and MOST OF ALL I can’t buy any tea, to drink or to review. So all this stress is weighing down on my back and it’s starting to get to me. My formerly sunny disposition is now quite stormy. “Happy” Gaiwan, indeed.

I will admit to not looking that hard or being “too selective” with jobs. But I don’t want to flip burgers and flipping burgers doesn’t pay well enough to get me to where I want to be. I went to school, I want a job that reflects that. Even the crummy jobs I’ve applied to have turned me down. What can you do? It’s getting discouraging.

Some good news, though: I was accepted into the University of Prince Edward Island, possibly to go into radiography, which would be a boring but lucrative career choice. Neither of my parents felt this was good news, though, even though they told me to apply and to “go back to school while we can still pay for it.” Talk about mixed messages.

So I have that to look forward to, but the next weeks and months are going to arduous to say the least. I’m not the worst off person I know by far (one of my best friends is sitting around right now while his father dies of cancer) but man, waking up every day is a chore.

The thing about the future is that it is guessable but never knowable, said the noted philosopher Karl von Obvious. We know the sun will rise tomorrow. But on what kind of day will it shine?


-Happy G

4 Responses to “Has It Been That Long? Or: The Future”

  1. Profile photo of thedevoteathedevotea said:

    Move to Australia. With that accent you love to put on, you could find a career here as a boomerang carver for sure.

  2. Profile photo of jackiejackie said:

    I think that’s good news about the university. Your parents are probably just sad that you’ll be leaving them. But I think it’ll do you a lot of good to be amongst youngsters again and a little more independent. With all the methods of communication nowadays, you’re only a Skype call or text message away from the folks. They can still talk to you anytime. I think it could be an exciting new chapter. Definitely can’t be more boring than life is now, right? Happy for you!

  3. Profile photo of xavierxavier said:

    Life is about truning something into something else.
    Tea is about turning water into something more.
    Life is tea and tea is life.

    Do what you feel is right.

  4. Profile photo of lazyliteratuslazyliteratus said:

    I would KILL to go to PEI. Seriously, they wouldn’t find the body.

    Hope things look up soon, dude.

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