What I’ve Been Drinkin’

February 28, 2013

Posted by happygaiwan

Following a short break from tea drinking for various reasons, I’m back into the game, sort of.

I don’t have anything new to review or talk about, but here’s what I’ve been drinking…


Huanghsan Maofeng from PeonyTS: Really good green (no duh!) tea that evolves over the infusions from titillatingly bitter in the first to juicy sweet in the fourth. A fine example of Maofeng.

Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Spring Evergreen: I’m getting down to my last little bit of this wonderful stuff. If anybody knows where I can score more from this year or last year, drop me a line. Please?

Tieguanyin from PeonyTS: Another good tea, sweet as all get out, and very long lived.

Jaksul Gamnong: Oh Korean green tea, I love you so. But…well, this one isn’t very good. It’s by Hankook, and I bought it from TeaTrekker. Normally TeaTrekker tea is pretty good, but this one is 30 bucks and is probably worth, in terms of quality, half that. It has good qualities, but the leaves are pretty broken up and thus the overall mouthfull is less full and more chalky and it just doesn’t last through as many infusions as I’d like and it’s not that sweet and yadda yadda blah blah, you get it. A big let down, really.


So that’s it, really. Check out PeonyTS run by Derek Chew; he knows what he’s doing and his prices are pretty fair. Tell ‘em Happy Gaiwan sent ya.


-Happy G

7 Responses to “What I’ve Been Drinkin’”

  1. Profile photo of jackiejackie said:

    Chris, we’re happy to see you back. Twitter showed signs of you being alive still so that was good news. Hope to see you more. Personally, I don’t mind if your post isn’t just pure tea talk.
    Anyway, try this link for Jun Chiyabari with Upton Tea. As you know I love those teas.

  2. Profile photo of thedevoteathedevotea said:

    I can see you dressed as Kermit, strumming a banjo singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green” . And when it happens, I want footage.

  3. Profile photo of jopjjopj said:

    I am requesting a primer on Korean tea from you giving me guidance from your vast expertise

  4. Profile photo of happygaiwanhappygaiwan said:

    @jopj Oh dear, Jo, I’m no expert on Korean tea. I just like it, all three of them I’ve had. : P I’m sorry if I came off that way. I’d suggest checking out MattCha’s blog; he knows way, way more than I do.

  5. Profile photo of xavierxavier said:

    Korean teas? I am really interested to hear more about these teas.

  6. Profile photo of happygaiwanhappygaiwan said:

    @jopj @xavier Here are some articles on Korean tea:



    More to follow

  7. Profile photo of jopjjopj said:

    Thank you. I will start my journey with the guidance you have provided.

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