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So, update: I slept last night without zopiclone. I don’t feel awesome today, really, but fine enough. Just one of those melancholy days.


I’m really confident that zopiclone will only be an occasional ally from now on. I know I can sleep without it, but sometimes I might need some help if I really, really can’t sleep. I’m not 100% where I want to be, but honestly I don’t know if I just have higher expectations of myself than are possible to meet. I want to feel how I did before I “got sick”, in 2010. I think maybe nostalgia is warping my perceptions of how those years really felt. I’m certainly healthier mentally, but I dunno, I feel…incomplete. Maybe that’s just how 22 year old unemployed girlfriendless guys feel? : P


Anyways, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.


Thanks for everything,


-Happy G

5 Responses to “Zopiclone 3 (and final for now)”

  1. Profile photo of xavierxavier said:

    I am always happy to read from you, be it on the regular scheduled programming or on another.

  2. Profile photo of thedevoteathedevotea said:

    Nostalgia is a funny thing. It’s like those songs everyone hates, and then 20 years later everybody loves hearing them on the radio. Except Hall and Oates of course; they are unacceptable forever.
    But yes, get back to your regular stream of tea adventures.

  3. Profile photo of brambram said:

    Good progress, good.

  4. Profile photo of iheartteasiheartteas said:

    Glad to see things are looking up. :)

  5. Profile photo of lazyliteratuslazyliteratus said:

    Have you ever tried using Valerian root “tea” as a sleep aid? Works wonders on me.

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