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You may have noticed some e-mail ads. Unfortunately, this site’s ( good Jackie and Peter @ @ tea trade ( ) to force people to run the finances by placing ads. (I) ads is a blog of some free time.

Short desicion of TeaTrade tea trade “can be at the end of the non-advertising spot. Still, without a doubt, is the ad agency from the back of the product.

Life span growth often continues to many poor communities tea advertising transactions. Also Peter and Jackie too many tea lovers @ @, welcomed their decision.




-Mirthful Gee


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  1. Profile photo of jackiejackie said:

    I was wondering if I should run this post through a translator to get the gist of this. My Canadian is not as good as I thought it was. Can you help? I am pretty sure it’s a meaningful post and I don’t want to miss out.

  2. Profile photo of thedevoteathedevotea said:

    Chris, you need to DRINK that green tea, not smoke it.

  3. Profile photo of lazyliteratuslazyliteratus said:

    You sound like a Nigerian prince in this.

  4. Profile photo of xavierxavier said:

    I am laughing in front of my screen while drinking my cup of tea.

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